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The Mail Room

We get several dozen emails each year about the haunted house where, if you make it all the way through, you get your money back.


If anyone can send us the exact location of such a place in NC, SC, or VA
(and any other info; name, website, phone, contact, times open, etc),
we'll go to it, go through (well, as far as possible),
and give you a report on the FrightSeekers Forum!

And we'll send you $50 for proving us wrong.

No kidding.

Where is the haunted house with thirteen floors where they have live snakes and you get your money back if you make it all the way to the end? Thanks.

Really, it's an Urban Legend. There's no such haunt. We promise. Doesn't exist. Really. Seriously. Nadda. Nope.
has a great article on this topic. (If the link above doesn't work, go to, search for "haunted house money back".)
In recent years, a few haunt owners have started haunts to capitalize on this legend, the most notable is the "Urban Legends Haunted House" in Clinton, Michigan.
Although some haunted houses do have live animals as a part of their show (there's the famous 'rat lady' at Universal Horror Nights), animals and insects are generally considered just too much trouble to manage, feed & keep healthy during the cold of October - then what do you do with them the rest of the year?

Where is the Tom Sivini haunted hospital where you get your money back if you make it all the way to the end? My brother's friend went there and said its the scariets haunted house anywhere!

Well ok, you got us... we've been keeping this a secret from you for all this time...

One possible basis of this legend can be traced to a commercial haunted attraction that was located just north of Atlanta, Georgia (its closed and removed now, btw). It had three haunted house attractions there: Tom Savini's Haunted House, Elvira's Nightmare, and The Dungeon. The haunts were set up in, of all things, an old abandonded area hospital. To our knowledge, Savini and Elvira only licensed the use of their name to the attractions, and didn't participate in the design or operation of them. They did do some promotional work for the openings though.
In 1998, while they were still running, myself and some friends went all the way through each of these haunts, and no, we didn't get our money back, and there were only two floors. Sorry, no live animals. Oh, and they were fun too.




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